Using the Power of Youth and Media to galvanize Healthcare Justice

Honoring those who have been at the forefront during the coronavirus pandemic, those who have sacrificed so much and who are still sacrificing for the sake of a better tomorrow. We hope that through their stories, we will be able to contribute with what we have, ideas and new hope!

Activism made Simple

We value your input and your contribution in redesigning the healthcare system in our country. No matter your age group or ethnical background, your opinion on the BeiCommunity matters and engenders our progress in the change-making process.

A Better Tomorrow, Inspired by the Yesterday

Lebanon has been recognized for decades as the "hospital of the middle east". It is not until the past 3 years that it has seen a decline in its efficiency in offering need-based primary care services. Hand in hand, we can get that reputation back again!

We are Beiyouth

Beiyouth is a non-partisan grassroot organization that uses the power of youth in filmmaking and problem solving to galvanize healthcare justice. We believe that everyone should have equal access to medical facilities.


families have been
successfully provided
medical assistance

Each mission we lead is divided into 3 stages

What We Do?

Stage I : Discovering their work with new lenses

Beiyouth's primary goal is to cover , through documentaries, the work accomplished by entities of the civil society within the healthcare sector. By doing so, not only would we be sharing with the world their prowess and raising awareness, but we would also be contributing to lucidly assessing the challenges they're facing so to be of help.

Stage II : Here's the problem, and then what ?

The goal behind our documentaries is to let you, as a young person, fully assess the challenges faced by different initiatives so you can be more than ever able to contribute with YOUR ideas. Each documentary covers one initiative, and for each initiative a group on our community page will be created. The magic of community empowerment and brainstorming will then come to life !

Stage III: Creating an impact together

You have watched the documentary, assessed the challenges, given your ideas and provided resources on our community page . The next step would be to hold an online meeting along with other community members, structured into different parts so to unite and debate on thoughts and contributions. A plan will be then relayed to the initiative we have covered.

Our Story

Locate Victims Beirut, a crisis response initiative to the August 2020 port explosion, was a huge part of the efforts to locate, identify, and inform the status & whereabouts of survivors and victims of the explosion. With the only fully transparent and accessible database of the found and missing individuals in Lebanon, LVB was commended for its initiative. Coordination was key; between hospitals, NGOs, and governmental agencies, LVB aided a large-scale search-and-identify.

In addition to this, with the help of the community, LVB was able to assist those in critical need. This is how we discovered the wonderful and welcoming families living in remote areas in the suburbs of Beirut and were taken by the stories they relayed about struggles they faced to access the healthcare field. On the other hand, many hard working NGOs and entities of the civil society are working tirelessly to rebuild the system and provide equitable access to medical supplies and services. The next step was clear as day. What else could we do but launch Beiyouth, what else could we do but listen to their stories !

Partners in our Mission

Organizations that want Our Mission to Succeed

World Health Organiztion
International Labour Organization
Locate Victims Beirut